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VA gallery - The New Classic - Feng Zhengjie Transnational Joint Exhibition
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The New Classic – Feng Zhengjie Transnational Joint Exhibition

“The New Classic”
Feng Zhengjie Transnational Joint Exhibition

+ Justin Cooper + Zach Gold

15.5.2012 — 10.6.2012

15.5.2012 Tuesday 5:30 – 8:30pm

Opening Reception VIP Preview

Artist will be present at the opening

Throughout different times and era, people’s impression on women have created distinct memories. Some embody complete representations while others are rather descriptions of subtle details.

In an era of multimedia convergence and ever-changing fashion trends, portrait photography has become a conflicting relativity of idealism and reality. Thus, the development of a genre of artistic expression that is theatrical yet poetic. Achieved through simplistic methods, they reflect the inner world and spiritual psyche of the subject. Much more appealing than transience of popular trends, truly charismatic portrait are testaments to test of time, rendering them works of timeless beauty.

Feng Zhengjie’s inspiration derives from the 90s era in China and the emergence of beauty and portrait photography. The hypnotically seductive models in Feng Zhengjie’s work appear masked in a surreal layer of dreamlike coloring, which is reminiscent of a catalyst of idealism beliefs. These Western commercial scenarios represented Chinese aesthetics for painting, and at the same time inspired the New York fashion photographer Zach Gold and Australian beauty photographer Justin Cooper. They took to their cameras and photographically captured the mood and style of the models under the stroke of Feng Zhengjie’s masterful brush. Creativity was unleashed in an incarnation of influences of the past life and independence in its new self.

Creativity is the motivation force behind our actions. Even though we are employed in the advertising industry, we cannot deny the sarcasm in our nature. We are compelled by a strong desire to judge the industry’s poignant concept of commercial beauty, the inherent problems of the advertising medium, and the dangers of indulging in fashion narcissism and fetishism. Our process of creation for the most part is instinctual, without scientific proofs but rather relying on inner emotions. Through a vantage of unique perception we yearn to uncover more and more insights. What we discover may be a feminine visage that is fleeting, isolated and twisted that evokes a seductive nostalgic utopia.

The feminine silhouettes in the photographs and paintings seem to be illustrating females as the focus of society and point of desire. Is this a celebration of culture or is this a controversial judgment on society? The answer is not important, as we do not stand for any side. In actuality, to doubt the artists’ motives signifies that Feng Zhengjie, Zach Gold and Justin Cooper have done their job well. For an artist the most important mission is “to question cultural relevance and develop a personal belief that redefines the meaning of beauty and fashion.”

半島維畫廊 VA Gallery

NO.16 & 16A Art One, M/F, Convention Plaza, 1 Harbour Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong


Tel: 852.2368.1068



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