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Basquiat skull painting sells for record $110.5m at Sotheby’s

July 11, 2017
By now you've already heard it: last night Sotheby's made history when it sold an untitled Basquiat skull head painting from 1982 for $110.5m with fees to the Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa, marking the highest price at auction for a post-1980 work of art, the second-highest price for any contemporary work at auction and the sixth-highest price for any piece sold at auction, in a sale that totalled $319.2m, with fees.


February 19, 2013


參展藝術家是: 范明正,康海濤,凌展騰,申亮,曾翠薇,潘蔚然,吳海洲


One Country Two Creations Joint Exhibition

February 19, 2013
VA Gallery will launch a Joint exhibition of One Country Two Creations on Mar 1, 2013.

Mainland China has the implementation of socialism with Chinese characteristics and democratic centralism. The socialist system and policies shall not be practiced in Hong Kong, and the previous capitalist system and way of life shall remain unchanged. For Hong Kong, except defense and foreign affairs, we can have the right of high degree of autonomy and to participate in international affairs. This is known as the "Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong and a high degree of autonomy". Growing up in such a different environment and education, artists from China and Hong Kong will nurture different artistic concepts and content of expression. This time, VA Gallery presents a joint exhibition of “One Country Two Creations” which highlights the two differences of art and culture.

The participant artists include Fan Mingzheng, Kang Haitao, Ling Chin Tang Parry, Shen Liang, Tsang Chui Mei, Vivian Poon, Wu Haizhou

The exhibition will continue until Apr 10, 2013.


February 11, 2013
2月9至14日為半島維畫廊農曆新年假期,我們將停止辦公。本畫廊將於2 月15 日下午一時至七時半恢復正常運作。

Chinese New Year Public Holiday

February 11, 2013
Due to chinese new year public holidays, VA Gallery is closed from Saturday 9th February, to Thursday 14th February. Our gallery will open again on Friday 15th February, 1:00 - 7:30 pm. We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy and prosperous Year of the Snake!


December 12, 2012


此次維畫廊邀請了中國大陸及香港的七位老中青三代藝術家參展,他們通過各自的藝術探索與實證,創作出極具鮮明個人風格的典範作品。他們是中國大陸及香港當代水墨藝術的重要代表。 參展藝術家是:梁銓、譚軍、魏青吉、王川、嚴善錞、於艾君 (中國大陸) 及吳觀麟 (香港) 。


Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting Joint Exhibition

December 12, 2012
VA Gallery will launch a Joint exhibition of Contemporary Ink Painting on Dec 16, 2012.

Over 2000 years of history, generations of scholars and artists went on sustained practice and polish, ink painting in China has become an important characterization of Chinese culture. Time goes by, today is quite an orientation in the era belonging to the legend that possess a truly artistic language and simultaneously a concept of continuous pursue with new breakthrough. Ink painting is unexpectedly in the progress of transmutation at this century of modern times.

VA Gallery invites the mainland and Hong Kong, 7 artists of all ages exhibiting their exceptional exploration and artistic fulfillment, creating distinctive individual aspect of typical works. They are important representative roles of the mainland and Hong Kong in Contemporary Ink Art. The participating artists include Liang Quan, Tan Jun, Wei Qingji, Wang Chuan, Yan Shanchun, Yu Aijun (China Mainland) and Ng Kwun Lung Tony (Hong Kong).

The exhibition will continue until Feb 26, 2013.

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Charity Auction 2012

December 10, 2012
VA Gallery donates Xiong Yu's work "Ladder Man" for Tung Wah Group of Hospitals in TVB Charity Auction this year.All money collected will be fully proceed in donation ofcharitable purposes for Tung Wah Group of Hospitals. The auction will be broadcasted on TVB tonight.


December 10, 2012
半島維畫廊今年捐贈出熊宇作品"貼牆的人"予東華三院用作無線電視慈善拍賣, 所有籌得款項全數撥捐予東華三院作慈善用途。 是次拍賣會將會在今晚無線電視播出。

Kang Haitao Solo Exhibition

October 9, 2012
VA Gallery will be holding a solo exhibition of an important post 70’s Chinese artist Kang Haitao on Oct 13.

Kang Haitao was born in Chongqing in 1976, graduated from the Sichuan Acadamy of Fine Arts in 2000. He lives in Chengdu.Kang Haitao rendered his language in art with combining his own life experience. This process in creating transforms to perceiving. Throughout his childhood, he was grown up in the mountain city of Chongqing. He played in vacant buildings and scenery, longing for the aroma of the night. Later he tried in depicting the night scenery and accomplished in skillful techniques. He located night scenery on the screen of his art works, the audiences consequently embrace the ingredients of night. His works hovering between abstract and realism, and the cross induction clashes subtle factors. This indicates the superior of his peers amongst the young artists. His achievements are obtained amidst the status of China’s new generation of art community.

His paintings play extreme adoption to concepts and forms, from the spiritual level as well as metaphysical. Today’s popular wave like figurative drawing, this validation is extremely rare. It costs us in notifying and investigating.

The exhibition will end on Dec 12.