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Kang Haitao Solo Exhibition

October 9, 2012
VA Gallery will be holding a solo exhibition of an important post 70’s Chinese artist Kang Haitao on Oct 13.

Kang Haitao was born in Chongqing in 1976, graduated from the Sichuan Acadamy of Fine Arts in 2000. He lives in Chengdu.Kang Haitao rendered his language in art with combining his own life experience. This process in creating transforms to perceiving. Throughout his childhood, he was grown up in the mountain city of Chongqing. He played in vacant buildings and scenery, longing for the aroma of the night. Later he tried in depicting the night scenery and accomplished in skillful techniques. He located night scenery on the screen of his art works, the audiences consequently embrace the ingredients of night. His works hovering between abstract and realism, and the cross induction clashes subtle factors. This indicates the superior of his peers amongst the young artists. His achievements are obtained amidst the status of China’s new generation of art community.

His paintings play extreme adoption to concepts and forms, from the spiritual level as well as metaphysical. Today’s popular wave like figurative drawing, this validation is extremely rare. It costs us in notifying and investigating.

The exhibition will end on Dec 12.


October 9, 2012
10月13日, 半島維畫廊將舉行中國“70後”重要藝術家康海濤的個展。

康海濤1976年生於重慶, 2000年畢業於四川美術學院油畫系, 現居成都。 康海濤的繪畫語言呈現在他自身生活體驗結合的過程, 並将這創作的歷程轉化為感知。 他自小在重慶山城長大, 晚上常常走往空置的建築和風景中, 在玩耍嬉戲, 嚮往這種黑夜的氣味。 後期嘗試繪寫夜色景致, 畫技漸趨熟練。 康海濤把黑夜置於畫面上, 觀衆從而領略黑夜的味道。 他的作品徘在寫實舆抽象兩者交差感應中擦出微妙因子, 顯現了他與同輩年青畫家的優越, 也成就了他在 中國新一代藝術家獲得的影響與地位。

他把繪畫發揮得極至, 從精神層面以至形而上訴諸觀念與形式。 當今流行於圖像展示的浪潮, 這種驗証極為難得, 使我們接續注視與鑽研。


亞洲當代藝術展 – 香港 2012

October 4, 2012
我們很榮幸今年參與亞洲當代藝術展。本展將於2012年10月4至7日在香港灣仔君悅酒店舉行。 本展佔地超過七十個房 間,展出數以千計的精彩作品,供藝術愛好者、新手買家和資深收藏家參觀。

更多展覽資料,可瀏覽: http://www.asiacontemporaryart.com

Asia Contemporary Art Show HK 2012

October 4, 2012
We are pleased to announce our participation in Asia Contemporary Art Show this year.

ACAS will take place in Grand Hyatt Hong Kong from October 4-7, 2012, and will be exhibiting with thousands of stunning and accessibly priced works in over 70 guest rooms. Our show room will be in 1209, and we will present a selection of work by our internationally acclaimed artists, as well as young emerging artists. We look forward to see you there.

VIP tickets and standard tickets are now available online, but VIP tickets will not be offered at the Show.


Made in China —— 方力钧、隋建國

August 14, 2012
2012年9月8日 “Made in China —— 方力鈞、隋建國” 展將在半島維畫廊開幕。此展覽展示方力鈞的版畫以及隋建國的“Made in China”系列 。這次展覽的作品均是方力鈞和隋建國重要代表作。




Made in China —— Fang Lijun, Sui Jianguo

August 14, 2012
VA Gallery will present “Made in China —— Fang Lijun, Sui Jianguo” exhibition with opening on 8 Sep, 2012. This exhibition showcases the typical works from prints of Fang Lijun and series of sculpture from Sui Jianguo. The works of this exhibition are definitely the representative notion from the two artists.

They are the most significant artists of Chinese Contemporary art. Fang Lijun, as the most critical role in the Post 89 China new artistic current, has created a series of works since 1988 —— “The Bald Popi” image became a classic semiotics. Sui Jianguo, as known as “the Sculptor of Conceptual Direction go the earliest and furthest”, he maneuvers between the official position of the form and historical perception. Simultaneously, he brings sculpture into a fully heart-searching of China Modern Artistic practice with an implication of the symbol of the times.

Fang Lijun was born in Handan, Heibei in 1963. He was graduated from the Printmaking Department of Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1989. Sui Jianguo was born in Qingdao in 1956, he was graduated from Postgraduate Course, the Sculpture Department of The Central Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibition will be ended on 9 October.

心相 – 抽象藝術第一回展

July 25, 2012



Phase of Heart —– Abstract Art Group Exhibition I

July 24, 2012
VA Gallery will present “Phase of Heart-----Abstract Art Group Exhibition I on 4 Aug 2012. In the recent years, Chinese abstract art has been acclaimed maximum attention by domestic and international art world. VA Gallery selects meticulously the important artists from region of mainland China and Hong Kong to showcase the viewing platform of the Chinese abstract art to us.

Due to abstract art is obscured behind from reality, we impose “Phase of Heart” as the title. It results from real life at a height of detachment and the inner move is fully mobilized by the core activities of creative form. This advance form just accurately reflect the heart with unaware of truth. Old China since the ancient times, in observation of people - all the spirit inside, all the form outside; heart identifiable through phase. In adopting the ancient concept to read people, we merely observe the face of people turning into observe the face of painting, and hence observe the back of ourselves.

The exhibition will be the emphasized event by VA Gallery and also become the constantly annual activities. The exhibition will end on 4 Sept 2012.

L’officiel Art Magazine

July 24, 2012
We are honour that the issue July 2012 in magazine L'official Art, China has marked the fraction of our macro perspective to the art society.

心相 – 抽象藝術第一回展

July 10, 2012
心相——抽象藝術第一回展 半島維畫廊將於2012年8月4日迎來“心相——抽象藝術第一回展”。最近幾年來,中國的抽象藝術引起國內和國際藝術界的極大關注。半島維畫廊這次選擇了在大陸和香港地區非常重要的抽象藝術家代表,給大家一個充分瞭解中國抽象藝術的平台